Video Marketing Strategies For Cosmetic Dentists: A Guide For Dentists To Win New Patients With Video

Jun 25, 2023

Video Marketing Strategies For Cosmetic Dentists: A Guide For Dentists To Win New Patients With Video

Hey hey hey! If you’re an aesthetic or cosmetic dentist today’s post was written with you in mind!

How many times have you asked yourself:

“How do I market my dental practice on social media?”

“Am I posting the right videos?”

“Are my videos turning into new patient leads?”

If you constantly have these questions it’s time to take your online video marketing game seriously.

In this blog post, I’m going to share some exciting video marketing strategies for cosmetic dentists that will help you attract and engage new patients and most importantly spend more time with your families.

As an outgoing and fun online marketing strategist and video content creator I believe in making online marketing simple yet effective. So, let’s get right into the juiciness and discover the power of video marketing for your cosmetic dental practice.


The information in today’s post is valuable, I promise! To get your hands on even more tips on exactly how to attract and engage patients using the internet………

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Why Video is So Powerful? Why is Digital Marketing Important For Dentists?


Did you know that 73% of people prefer to watch a short video when they are looking to buy a product or service? Compared to text-based articles, infographics, webinars, and other forms of content, videos take the crown.

Studies show that people spend an average of 19 hours per week watching online videos! If your practice isn’t creating video content, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to connect with potential patients.

Not only do people love watching videos, but they are also twice as likely to share video content compared to any other form of content. This means that by incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, you can exponentially increase your practice’s visibility and reach.



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Video is a Content Marketing Catalyst


One of the reasons why video is so powerful is that it serves as a content marketing catalyst. With just one video, you can create multiple forms of valuable content to engage your ideal patients. I implement this same framework with my online video content as well as implement it for my clients.

For example, you can repurpose a video into a carousel post, strip the audio and add different visuals, create a blog post, or transcribe it to create an email campaign. By leveraging video content, you can simplify and speed up your content creation process, eliminating the struggle of not knowing what to post next.

But wait! Before you go randomly posting video content on every social media platform, have some sort of strategy. In my last post called “Private Practice Marketing Plan,”

I share exactly what you need to do to stand out in the cosmetic online industry.



Leveraging Video Throughout the Buyer’s Journey


To effectively leverage video, it’s essential to understand how it fits into the buyer’s journey.


Think of the Marketing Hourglass: know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer. Videos play a crucial role at each stage of this journey.

Through your videos, potential patients get to know you and your practice. By consistently sharing videos, you build a connection and make them like you. I mean they literally see you on their smart devices every day, how can they not like you? I cannot tell you the amount of times, new clients tell me they found me on Tiktok or Youtube and fell in love with one or all of my videos.

Videos showcasing testimonials, credentials, and awards help establish trust. During the try stage, you can offer VIP days or film an office tour to give potential patients a taste of what you have to offer.

Once they decide to buy, use videos to showcase what happens after someone becomes a patient. Video content is also perfect for re-engaging patients, encouraging them to repeat and refer.


Places to Use Video in Your Practice Today

Now that you understand the power of video, let’s talk about where you can start with video TODAY!

  • Your website: Embed videos on your website to enhance user engagement and get Google to love you (aka higher rankings)
  • Google My Business Profile: Share short videos on your profile to capture the attention of potential patients and gain favor with Google’s search algorithm.
  • Social media: Leverage the power of video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach a wider audience and encourage shares.
  • Email marketing campaigns: Embed videos in your emails to provide valuable content and captivate your subscribers.
  • Post-treatment emails: Send instructional videos to patients after their treatments, helping them with post-care instructions and building trust.
  • Practice waiting room: Play videos in your waiting room to educate and entertain your patients while they wait. Let your IG Reels or Tiktoks play on repeat!


Remember, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to incorporating video into your practice’s marketing strategy.


Videos are a game-changer for cosmetic dentists looking to attract and engage new patients. They are a must when it comes to your dental practice marketing plan.

Videos simplify content creation, consistently build trust, and drive conversions. If you need even more help on how to implement this for your cosmetic or aesthetic practice start by applying for “The Takeover” I can’t wait to meet you and your team!

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