Social Media Tips for Cosmetic Dentists: Grow Your Online Presence and Attract More Clients

Jul 29, 2023

Mastering Social Media Marketing for Practice Owners in 2024: Your Guide to Success

Mastering social media marketing is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for practice owners looking to thrive in the industry of aesthetics.

As someone who studies the backend and understands what works with aesthetic service providers, I can attest to the transformative power that we have witnessed in social media over the last year.

Whether you’re an established practitioner or a newcomer to the scene, I’ve delved deep into the strategies that are driving success for aesthetic service providers.

In today’s post, let’s discuss how to effectively market your private practice on social media, attract new clients, and create a DYNAMIC online presence in 2024.

Social Media Tips for Cosmetic Dentists: Grow Your Online Presence and Attract More Clients


If you’re as excited as I am about social media and attracting more clients, then you’ve come to the right place to learn social media tips for cosmetic dentists! I know there’s a ton of fluff out there when it comes to using social media for your dental practice, but you no longer need to be confused.

I’m here to share some time-saving creative tactics that actually work and won’t have you spending all day on social media. Learn how to market your dental practice and reach more potential clients.

No more just posting “before and afters” —I want to share real social media tips for cosmetic dentists that will genuinely help you stand out online and re-engage your clients. But wait, before I share the secret sauce, I have a special invitation just for you down below!

Alright, let’s get down to business with these fantastic social media tips:



#1 Share Patient Testimonial Videos:


Say goodbye to those plain text reviews! Let’s get creative and film some fantastic patient testimonial videos. You know, the kind that truly captures the heart of your practice and your client’s amazing results. And here’s a little secret—throw in an incentive, like 25% off their next service or a special thank you gift, to show them how much you appreciate their time. You can also have them film a video testimonial from wherever they are, but be specific with what you want to represent your brand. Make sure the lighting is great and the quality of the video is not too off.


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#2 Share The Team:


Your dental practice isn’t just about you and the clients—it’s about the hardworking team behind the scenes too! Let’s celebrate their achievements on social media, whether it’s a team member’s graduation, a new baby on the way, or even a recent wedding! Humanizing your brand is key; it makes your clients feel connected and excited to visit your office, knowing they’ll be welcomed by those same smiling faces they see on social.


#3 Ask a Question or Answer a Question:

Let’s have some fun with your followers! Social media marketing for dentists can be fun too! Ask your followers intriguing questions, even if they’re not directly related to dentistry. Hey, sometimes people just want to chat about everyday things! This approach keeps you on their minds, so when they’re ready for their next appointment or treatment, they’ll think of you first! Oh, and don’t forget to use those fun Instagram features to answer questions and explain any dental processes you know like the back of your hand. This is what helps you stand out on social media!


#4 Respond to Comments:

It’s time to show some love to your audience! When you receive comments on your social media posts, respond personally and genuinely. Ditch those generic automated responses—they’re a real turn-off! BORINGGGGG!

Instead, make your followers feel special by using their first names. It’s a little psychology tip that goes a long way in building trust and connection.


#5 Create a Video Series:

Let’s keep those followers coming back for more! Start a captivating weekly video series that they’ll eagerly anticipate. It could be anything from dental care tips and fun dental facts to showing the behind-the-scenes of your office. Giving your audience something to look forward to will make your social media presence all the more engaging.


Create your first video series – LEARN MORE

#6 Use Less Stock Photography:

You know what they say about first impressions, right? It’s time to make an unforgettable one! I’m begging you to stop posting those lifeless stock photos that don’t tell your story or resonate with your audience. Dental social media marketing should evoke emotion and show your real personality by connecting with your audience authentically. Be YOU, let your team be them because nobody wants to engage with a stock photo! Canva is an awesome tool for graphic designing for beginners but using too much stock photography and video can do a disservice to your online reputation.

Now, if you ever find yourself stuck or unsure of what to do next, —I’ve got your back! Join me and the awesome AA team for the Aesthetics Amplified Masterclass.

It’s a FREE live event where you can ask questions and learn everything you need to know about using the internet to attract more cosmetic dental clients.

Sign up for the masterclass today and come ready to learn! I’ll be right here, cheering you on every step of the way! See you in class!

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