Simple Steps To Take After Publishing Your Blog Post

Jun 28, 2020

“You Need A Simple Marketing Plan You Can Follow Every Time You Publish A New Blog Post”

The creative juices are flowing and you’ve just poured your heart & soul into creating the best blog post.
You’ve clicked the “Publish” button…and then you do nothing else. WRONG!
I’ve already told you all the things you should check before publishing your blog post. In today’s post let’s discuss all the steps to take After Publishing Your Blog Post. you do after publishing your blog post can have a huge impact on the life of your blog. Publishing a blog post and quickly moving on to the next one is a waste of all your hard work. Of course, you can count on SEO to get views but we all know that takes time to kick in.
If you want to increase the exposure of your blog content, you need a simple marketing plan you can follow every time you publish a new blog post. You need a strategy that not only allows you to promote your blog, but automate itself as well.

1. Reread The Final Product

This step is highly important.
You want to try and avoid sharing content with spelling errors. I’m not saying your writing has to be perfect but eliminate as many errors as possible. Errors can be avoided by using Grammarly.
Grammarly is popular in the blogging community as it catches most common grammatical and spelling errors.

how to announce a new blog post

2.Post On Facebook

Why not promote yourself on Facebook?
This should be one of the main platforms you use to promote all of your content. I have over 3,000 Facebook friends, so the way I see it, that’s 3,000 eyes on my content.
When you add your blog article’s URL to a Facebook post, Facebook will automatically pull the headline, featured image, and link description from your blog. It works the same way with YouTube URLs. So make sure to make use of every marketing strategy to promote your content.
Be sure to promote your blog post on your Facebook’s personal page & business page. You do have a Facebook business page for your blog, right?
how to announce a new blog post

3.Send To E-mail Subscribers

They say the GOLD is in your email list.
I need to be more consistent with this step. I do have an email list but I’ll be honest I rarely use it.
However, I am subscribed to many of my favorite bloggers and I get the emails all the time about their new blog post. It’s an extremely smart marketing strategy.
Email communication helps you connect on a more intimate level, build trust with your audience, and works as a tool for marketing your newest content to your readers.

4.Comment On Other Blogs

I started my blog in June 2018.
One of the weirdest things I have noticed is that Most readers are not bloggers, but most commenters come from other bloggers.
Being a regular reader and commenter on other blogs in your same niche is the perfect growth strategy! You can build your brand and bring some traffic over to your own blog.
If you don’t believe me, set aside about 30 – 45 minutes a week and just comment on other bloggers’ blog posts. Target bloggers who blog about the same thing as you. Make sure you are keeping track of your growth using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics tutorial

5. Share To Pinterest Or Schedule On Tailwind

There are millions of people on Pinterest!
People on Pinterest engage more than they would on every other social media platform out there. Pinterest users will click on the pins more often, they save it more often and they share it more often.
Because of the constant engagement, your content can get exposed to a lot more people than on any other social media platform.
Obviously you don’t have the time to sit and pin pins to Pinterest all day. Well guess what you don’t have to.
There’s a scheduling app called Tailwind. Tailwind is a LIFE saver. All you do is schedule your pins, give them a good description and let Tailwind do everything else.

6. Drop Link In Facebook Groups

Not another Facebook Group…
I know exactly what you are thinking.
But Facebook groups are perfect for promoting your blog post. I know it can be hard to find the perfect groups for blog promotion, so I put a LIST together of the best ones to join!
Use these Facebook groups after publishing your blog post to help explode your blog traffic. Just be sure to follow the rules, never just ASK for favors without returning favors.

7. Instagram Post

Yes! You better be promoting your blog post on your Instagram FEED!
The best way is to use RELEVANT HASHTAGS in your post! Yes, hashtags still work in 2020!

Research hashtags that are relevant to your topics and add them to your post. This is one step that has worked for me in bringing traffic to my blog. I’ve even done a few sponsored posts because of the hashtags I used in my photos that sent brands my way.

8. Use automation

Automation has been a game changer.
Buffer is a content scheduling tool that has made my life change in many ways. I say my life, and no I’m not exaggerating. So much of my time is now FREE because of Buffer.
Buffer’s free version allows you to link 3 social media platforms and schedule 10 posts for each. I have my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts all linked. I schedule all of my content on Sunday nights.

After Publishing Your Blog Post


All of the above tips require time, hard work and patience. If you keep a consistent schedule it will help to maximize the value of each blog post that you publish. You will see growth slowly but surely. Be sure to celebrate your growth. Have a few drinks or buy yourself a new pair of shoes!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on publishing your blog posts? Do you email your subscribers? Do you use Instagram to promote your content? What has worked best for you?
How do I introduce my blog to social media?
How do I introduce my blog to social media?
: how to announce a new blog post


  1. Jenny

    I am still new to blogging and this is a helpful resource. Thank you

  2. Alice@MommytoMom

    Great tips! I actually started my own Facebook group for mom bloggers to have somewhere I can always share my posts. It’s helped so much!

    • VA VAV

      Great news.

  3. Chique

    This is a great checklist for every blog post!!

    • Cheri Cobb

      Thanks Chique.

  4. Navexsha Bagga

    This has brought so much value to me as a blogger! Thank you for this awesome video and content !! I certainly need to up my marketing skills.

    • Cheri

      You are very very welcome!!

    • Cheri Cobb

      You’re welcome.

  5. Alicia

    I’m still new to blogging so this is an awesome resource! Looking for the next step.

    • Cheri

      Hi Alicia! That’s so good to hear! I hope you can find a few of my other posts helpful as well. Congrats to you!

  6. Chenée

    Thanks so much for these resources! I’m looking forward to learning more!

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  7. Tina

    love these tips! i recently started blogging and definitely will use these tips for my next post!!

  8. Abril |

    Insightful price! Love all of these tips. Definitely very helpful for any blogger. 🙂

    • VA VAV

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  9. hari

    wow! this is a wonderful resource for beginner bloggers.
    thanks for sharing!

  10. Ry

    These tips are quite helpful. Many people forget a few of these steps, because the process is tedious but necessary. I never heard of the Butter scheduler. I’ll have to check that out. Nice post!

    • Cheri Cobb

      It’s super convenient, you should try

  11. Allison

    Very helpful! Thank you!

    • Cheri Cobb

      You’re more then welcome.

  12. Jenni @ I on Image

    Nice ideas in here! I am getting good traffic from Pinterest and Facebook groups. I will check out your suggestions because I need to join new ones (and leave a few ones that yield no engagement).

    • VA VAV



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