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1:1 Consulting/Coaching

Get ready for an intensive 1:1 session where I’ll teach you the secrets to attracting and retaining clients through creative online marketing strategies. Whether we’re revamping your current approach or starting from scratch, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to increase sales with captivating organic online marketing strategies. Plus, you’ll receive valuable resources, a content calendar, inspiring video ideas, and ongoing support from me up until your final session.

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The Takeover : Your All-in-One Online Marketing Solution


Are you tired of spending hours on the perfect photo to post? Or maybe you’re tired of hassling your team to post on social media for the business. You don’t have the time to keep up with your company’s online presence because you are just too busy running your aesthetics business.

It’s time to delegate!

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1:1 Consulting/Coaching

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Taking the first step towards building an effective online marketing strategy begins with understanding the process.

Feeling unsure about where or how to begin? We’re here to help!

We offer two 90-minute sessions designed to assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific business and objectives.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A wealth of resources featuring our ideas and strategies, enabling you to apply everything we discuss between sessions
  • Camera confidence training
  • Innovative content and video ideas to make your marketing efforts stand out
  • Access to me between sessions for any questions or assistance you may need
  • Detailed notes (or recordings) from each session, making it easy to revisit our discussions at a later time
  • A well-organized content calendar to keep you on track
  • Endless video and content ideas

Let’s get started!

The Takeover : Your All-in-One Online Marketing Solution

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Ever wished you had a team of experts to handle all your digital marketing needs while you focus on what you love most?  With “The Takeover.” We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders and give you back the time you deserve.

Imagine this: You won’t have to worry about juggling social media, email marketing, or website management anymore. We’ll take care of it for you, allowing you to focus on treating your amazing patients.

From filming content to nailing the perfect edits, we’ll make sure your posts are engaging, inspiring, fun, and downright interesting to your audience.

And that’s not all! We’ll keep a close eye on your post engagement, so you’ll know exactly who’s loving your content and what kind of customers they are. Need help responding to Google reviews or creating killer email marketing campaigns?

Consider it done. We can even help you tap into the power of influencer marketing!

Now, we get it—you might be concerned about privacy and the security of your customer information. Don’t sweat it! Our privacy policies ensure that we never share any of your customers’ data without your explicit permission.

Ready to book new clients, reclaim your time and watch your online presence take off with “The Takeover”?

Don’t walk RUN!

Experience the freedom of having reliable, down-to-earth professionals taking care of all your online marketing needs.