Instagram Mistakes To Avoid Right NOW

Jun 7, 2021

Let’s talk about 5 Instagram mistakes to avoid.
Instagram mistakes you’re probably making RIGHT NOW, but don’t even know.
Instagram marketing for your small business can be tricky, time consuming and overwhelming. Especially when you’re a one man show. During new client discovery calls, I speak with many small business owners in various industries, and most of them do it all for their businesses.

You are the face of your small business, you’re the customer service manager and the marketing manager.
Instagram marketing can easily feel like treading water, between trying to keep up with the newest trends and constantly asking yourself “what are the dos and don’ts of Instagram?”
What if I told you there was a way to skip the trial and error when marketing your small business on Instagram? What if I told you, I can provide you with Instagram tips and tricks that will make the Instagram algorithm LOVE YOU?

In this post I talk about 5 Instagram Marketing mistakes to avoid.

No Social Media Strategy

This is the number one mistake I find small business owners make when posting content on Instagram. The proper social media strategy will help you avoid most Instagram marketing mistakes.
One of my clients asked me if she was posting too much on Instagram story?
I then asked, are you posting with a purpose, or are you just posting to post? Is posting 5 to 6 times a day on your story getting you any results?
If there is no strategy behind your content you won’t ever know what if what you’re doing is working.
Without a solid strategy in place, you will miss out on ways to keep your current customers engaged and happy to continue doing business with you. You also miss out on ways to attract new customers.

Your Followers Are Confused

Does your Instagram content tell your followers about your business, your services and what you have to offer? Is your Instagram bio optimized for prospects?
Between your Reels, Instagram Highlights and any other Instagram features you use on the app-Does it all tell your followers how your product or service can be life changing?
If not, you must switch up your content strategy.
Don’t lose potential clients because 50% of your content is all about your family trips and your favorite iced coffee. As a small business owner you have to be clear with who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you can help.

Not Consistent

It’s hard to remain consistent with your Instagram marketing. I know from my own experience in mastering the platform. I know you’re probably saying it’s impossible to avoid every Instagram marketing mistake out there!You’re absolutely right, you can’t avoid them all. However you can do your very best to be sure you are on the right track. One way I stay consistent with my content and my clients’ content is by using a social media scheduler. Upload your content into your favorite scheduler and let the system do all of the posting for you.
.I recommend Buffer to all of my clients, it’s my favorite social media scheduler. You can also check out Facebook Creator Studio.

Not Using Enough Short Form Video

Short from video is taking over. Are you not yet convinced?This Instagram mistake is always #2 on the list after conducting a new client Instagram audit.
Did you know that 85% of people prefer video content?
The data shows that videos increase website clicks, engagement and conversions. The more videos you create the more your audience feels connected to you. The more you work on building that like, know, trust factor with your followers. The quicker they want to know more about your services.
You then start to notice your followers asking more questions and sending more DM’s.I challenge you to create more short videos for your small business. If you’re unsure what types of videos to create, grab a FREE copy of my newest E-book. Where you’ll find over 20 video ideas for your small business.

Not Branded/Cohesive

You’re going to thank me later for this Instagram mistake. Please avoid this Instagram mistake at all costs.Some of the small business owners I work with don’t have brand colors. The only colors they are familiar with are the ones on their websites. When your followers visit your store, your website, or your Instagram page – the goal is to make sure they have the same experience on each platform.

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All of your colors and font selections should mirror one another. This enhances the user experience and helps your content stand out from any competitors.
If you don’t have brand colors selected for your business, that’s fine. Canva has tons of color palettes for you to choose from. Pick 3 – 5 brand colors and 2 fonts that represent your business. Use these fonts and colors each time you create content for your small business.
Here is a great reference tool on Color Psychology that will help you when selecting the right colors to represent your small business.
social media manager savannah
social media manager savannah
So how many of these Instagram mistakes have you made? I certainly have made a few, so don’t be embarrassed to let me know in the comments below.
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