Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

Dec 2, 2018

“Last Year I Ran The 5K, Or Let’s Just Say I Walked Quickly. Yea, Last Year I Walked Quickly”

Happy December

Anyone who knows me knows that December is my favorite month of the year. So for now the plan is to post more this month. From the poinsettias, to the Christmas treats, to all the hot chocolate I drink December is the best month hands down. My birthday is also 6 days after Christmas so that makes me even more excited, yes I’m a new years eve baby and I love it. Why because –No matter where I go in the world, there is always a party! The Legendary Britney Spears also has a December birthday. She’ll be 37 this year. OMG, where does the time go?
Yesterday, December 1st 2018 was Savannah Georgia’s own Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. Yall, my words can’t even explain the amount of joy I have when participating in this run. Here is Savannah we have so many different races and or walks. So many to choose from and all are always such a great time! There’s the Rock n Roll Marathon, The March Of Dimes, Susan G. Komen For Breast Cancer and many more. But The Bridge Run is my favorite by far. Everyone is always in a great mood, so motivating and we all push each other. To add there’s always a celebration downtown Savannah at the end. Please point me in the direction of the bottomless mimosas, thats where you can find me as soon as I hit the finish line.
Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run
For the last 4 years I’ve always made it a must to go. Last year I ran the 5K, or let’s just say I walked quickly. Yea, last year I walked quickly! Running is always such a struggle for me. I start off real strong and then I’m no good after about 10 minutes. It’s kinda embarrassing because you’re surrounded with real runners out there. I mean people who run for a living, people who are very fit and then there’s people like me. My son usually volunteers with my mama. Mama works for a hospital here in Savannah that sponsors the race. So her and some more co-workers team up and head out there as early as 6AM to get things started. I even volunteered one year as well. The three of us handed out medals at the finish line. To see the runners cross the finish line with the looks of accomplishment on their faces was such an experience. You should definitely volunteer on year! It’s a great way to give back to the community.
Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run
Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run
I was extremely proud of my son because he participated with me. DaShawn has done many walks with me but he’s never done the Savannah Bridge Run. I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into. I mean it seems easy but this is a tough run. Even if your walking, walking up the Talmadge Bridge challenges you. When I woke up this morning I felt every minute of that 5K, trust me.
DaShawn likes to run, so he started off at the front with the “real runners”. I just knew in a matter of time he would turn around and I’d catch up with him. Of course about 8 minutes into the run here comes DaShawn. He said “mama they were going to fast for me”. We then saw DaShawn’s old Science teacher Mrs. Nelle. She is also the track teacher at his school so you know running was right up her alley. She grabbed DaShawn’s hand and they took off running.
The Red Tea Detox
Once I hit the finish line I was so excited. Excited because I didn’t collapse half way through. I saw mama and her friends standing there cheering me on. I was so happy to see the finish line at this point. DaShawn beat me he was already waiting on me, as he put my medal around my neck he asked “mama what took so long”? I just gave him a look—–as I gasped for air.
Of course the race wasn’t done just yet. The double pumpers and the 10K runners still had to finish. There’s no way I can do that two times in a row, no way.
Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run
While we waited we went over to Maple Street Biscuits to brunch. This was only my second time eating there. DaShawn and I had time to spare so we sat down and ate inside. I didn’t realize how big that place was inside. It’s a two story building. Of course my child wanted to sit up stairs. It was a nice view from the top, because you can see the foods being prepared. I would definitely recommend that place. They have the best drinks. We both had a dish called “Sweet Grace”–oh so good!
Overall we had a great time as always, we made it back just in time to see the double pumpers cross the finish line. After we cleaned up and packed up a few items it was time to say goodbye. They always leave packs of bottled water and fruit for the public to take, yes we load up with both. So it’s safe to say we have enough bottled water and oranges to last us for a while.
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Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run
Do you participate in any walks, marathons, or runs in your hometown? If so, what’s your favorite? Have you ever participated in the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run? Want to join me next year? Let me know in the comments below.


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