Google Analytics: Do You Need It For Your Website?

May 22, 2019

“Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics”

Google Analytics For Beginners

As promised, I will continue to share each and every way I grow my online presence and multiply my streams of income using social media. Hoping to help my audience along the way. If you’re still confused on how to start your blog or website make sure read my last post on Starting A Blog For The Confused What’s your favorite most useful plugin?

Most People: Shareaholic
ME: Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must, there is no substitute!Please note: For the sake of this post….BLOG & WEBSITE share the same meaning!
Google analytics
Google analytics has tons of information that can be used to help grow your blog. I’m no expert nor have I figured out how to use all of the functions in Google Analytics, I CAN say I’ve seemed to figure out where I should spend most of my time as a blogger.
Learning all of this can be very confusing, trust me I know. But I do enjoy documenting everything as I learn.

What Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that provides website owners/bloggers with a wide variety of information that goes on behind the scenes of their website. Yes! You need a google account, so make sure you have that set up first. Google analytics is a free tool, if used correctly can help grow your website overtime. Google analytics is a must have tool for anyone interested in growing their website or blog with digital marketing.

Understanding Your Google Analytics

First off, you need to check GA daily! Yes, this means everyday, and don’t let anyone tell you different. I use to check my Instagram analytics more than GA. But I had it alllll wrong!
Google Analytics has all the information you need to scale your site. Yes, you still have to do your part but this free tool makes it easier. Under each section down below, I like looking at the information at a 30 day view! On desktop, in the top right hand corner it allows you to adjust the date range.
In the beginning, I find the following sections of Google Analytics to be most important

  • AUDIENCE – Who is on your site?
  • ACQUISITION – How are they getting to your site?
  • BEHAVIOR – Once they get to your site, what are they doing next?

Why Is Google Analytics Important

Helps You Plan What To Post Next

Google Analytics is gold when it comes to creating content for your website. There are many times when I just don’t know what to post next. I have no clue what I want to write about. So using my GA I start with my most viewed post and create similar content around it.

Helps You Track Where Most Of Your Traffic Is Coming From

Google analytics ID
The Acquisition section gives you a break down of where your visitors come from. How is your audience getting to your blog? Are they coming from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or are they directly typing in your domain name.
Better yet are they finding you through an organic search? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) #BloggerGOALS
I wont get to deep into marketing your blog or SEO, because that not what this post is about. But this is a key section when determining which channels are driving the most traffic to your blog.

Shows Information About Your Live Visitors

Google Analytics will tell you the exact number of live visitors currently on your site. This useful metric shows who is looking at your site and there is also a map that shows the location of your live viewer. I remember the first day I installed GA I had a live viewer somewhere in California. I think this part of Google Analytics is kind of neat!
Try sharing your post on Facebook, wait about 3 minutes then go check out your live viewers. The number fluctuates throughout the day. That moment when you have over 100 viewers at one is always fulfilling!

How Long Are Visitors Staying On Your Website & What Are They Doing Once They Get There?

My bounce rate was at 100% when I first launched my blog. Before I had any ideas what a bounce rate was, 100% sounded nice at the time. Let me just say if your bounce rate is 100% then “Houston we have a problem”

Unless you have a 1 page website your bounce rate should not be 100%. This means visitors are coming to your sight, possibly looking at your photos, not reading a thing……then leaving!
Unfortunately, I don’t know what the standard bounce rate percentage should be, my bounce rate lately has been between 50% – 60%. I mean it’s not the best, but it’s improvement. As A blogger I try to answer the next question my reader may have by linking other relevant blog post. This also keeps your bounce rate low and keeps your readers around for awhile.

Google Loves That!

Are your post converting? Is your audience clicking on your links, are they signing up for your email list, are they purchasing your e-book, are they sharing your post to their social media?
Well Google Analytics will provide the answers to all of these questions. Once you do your homework you then can create more valuable content that your audience will love and hopefully keep coming back for more.
Google analytics wordpress
Google Analytics tutorial


  1. Samantha

    This is so helpful! Google Analytics is so important to bloggers, but for some creative minds, it’s like reading another language. Thanks for breaking down the important stats!

  2. Kylie

    Love this! thank you for sharing! I love how straight to the point it is.

    • Melissa

      Google analytics is great. People who visit my pages really love my Game of Thrones episode recap posts (sadly I wont be able to write another), Disney posts and learning to blog posts. What a range. But it narrows down what my “audience” enjoys reading. Thanks for the post!

    • Sasha

      This is a great, easy to understand post about Google analytics for beginners! Thanks so much for sharing. Very helpful!

  3. Iris C. Permuy

    Sold! Hehe. I’ve been kind of intimidated (okay, maybe lazy) about Google Analytics for a while, but your post convinced me. Wouldn’t you happen to have any post for a newby on the matter? Thanks!

    • Cheri

      That’s great to hear. I’m so glad you like it. There is a post linked in that tells you how to get setup and started! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Nadia Malik

    All the things you have mentioned here are on point. If you are a blogger or an online business owner you need to look at the stats Google Analytics provide. It can help you grow your blog/business in the right direction.

    • Cheri

      It has helped me grow my traffic so far that’s for sure. It’s still so much to learn about GA. I have a long way to go!

  5. Kat

    Very informative post! Also, as a side note, I love your layout/theme and your pictures are very professional.

    • Cheri

      Hi Kat!!

      I’m so happy to hear that! You just made my day and i don’t even know you! LOL

    • Cheri

      You are very welcome!

  6. Robert Forster

    Good read very useful Google analytics is a useful tool I just wished I had the traffic for my blog

    • Cheri

      You will get it. If i can grow mine so can you! Pintrest and Facebook send the most traffic to my blog! Thanks for the comment

  7. Sean

    Loved this post. Google Analytics is something I am teaching my students, and have been looking for solid resources for some time now. Thanks for sharing! I will be referencing this post in the future.

    • Cheri

      Thanks for your comment! Please yes do use this post. I tried to break it down and simplify it as much as possible. So yes please do use it! I’m happy you enjoyed it.

  8. Erin

    This is such great information! I must admit that I don’t check my GA everyday but now I will! Thanks for sharing!

    • Cheri

      Hey Erin,

      I think you should check it everyday to help you build. Its a great way to stay on top of your stats and how well your blog is performing. I absolutely love it!

  9. Amanda Petersen

    I just had google analytics integrated with my site a couple days ago and glad I did! You are definitely right, it’s a must-have tool. Great post with useful info!

    • Cheri

      Thanks Amanda! There are a million plugins out there o help grow your site, I can honestly say this is a necessity when it comes to growing your site!

  10. DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke

    Hi Cheri,

    This is such a helpful resource for understanding the basics of google analytics. I like the idea that you use your analytics to help you decide what type of content you should create. And, lol about that 100% bounce rate. You’re right, normally 100% of something would be a good thing!

    • Cheri

      Yes it definitely does. Its a great tool for content creation. I take my most popular post and make similar post! Great Tool

  11. Tina Twovelers

    I love this. Bounce rate 40-50%? That’s great. Keep going💪🙂

    • Cheri

      Yes! and of course it changes often but lately I’ve been proud of myself!

  12. Mary Ambrose

    I’d say Google Analytics and search console are absolutely necessary for a blog, especially when one wants to monetize later.

    • Cheri

      Yes! I love it. Its such a great tool to stay on top of all of your stats!

  13. Lorena |

    Great post about Google Analytics. I didn’t know you could see where your live viewers are streaming from! Thanks for sharing!

    • Cheri

      Hi Lorena,

      Thanks for commenting. There will be much more to come on this journey!!! I had a viewer in India one day!


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