Best WordPress Plugins For New Websites

Jun 14, 2019

” There Are Over 1,000 WordPress Plugins, How Do I Pick The Right Ones”

WordPress plugins are used to make your blog function. They’re like apps to a cell phone. There is literally a plugin for a plugin.
It sounds crazy, but in my mind it makes sense. How do you know which plugins you really need? When you have access to over 1,000 plugins, how do you choose the best WordPress plugins?
Especially when you’re just starting out. It can be frustrating. keep you from downloading the wrong plugins like I did in the beginning. My goal with this post is to share with you a few essential WordPress plugins I now use that don’t take up space and slow my website down.

What Are Website Plugins?

I’ve been blogging now for about a year. What I enjoy most is learning something new about blogging or social media and then sharing it with my readers. I created this blog not only to multiply my streams of income but to also inspire other content creators.
Not only are there so many different words to learn when starting a blog there are even more plugins. So many plugins you have no idea which ones are necessary for functioning and which ones are for pretty stuff.

Top WordPress Plugins For New Blogs

1. Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Installing google analytics has been a game changer. If you hadn’t had the chance to see my post on Google Analytics and why you need it, make sure you read it. This plugin is useful for so many different things when it comes to growing your blog.
It helps you understand your audience to improve your user traffic. Best of all it can help you create content ideas. Google analytics is by far my favorite blogging tool.

Yes, Google Analytics is a free tool.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO
Don’t let Yoast SEO overwhelm you. Because in the beginning it will do just that. This plugin is so resourceful when learning SEO.
I’m still learning SEO myself and this plugin teaches me how to structure my paragraphs, tells me when I’m using too many transition words or not enough and even tells me when I’ve used enough words for my post to rank. Yoast SEO basically gives you an entire SEO analysis.
I’m sure there are paid tools that go more into depth on SEO. However Yoast SEO works just fine for me. I take the suggested feedback and make edits. Talk about constructive criticism 🙂

3. Akistment Anti- Spam

Yes there are people that sit behind a computer and spam your blog with comments. Why? because they have no life or nothing else more productive to do with their time. Its ridiculous, yea I know.
Akisment will monitor and check for spammy like activity. The spam won’t even reach your comment moderation queue because Akistmet will shut it down. This plugin is usually pre-installed with WordPress. You just need to activate it.

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4. Elementor Page Builder

Sooooooo I’m not a website coder, nah not my thing. But I love a good drag and drop platform. Elementor is just that. It’s the best WordPress page builder that I’ve used. They offer templates that make building your blog less complex.You just drop the template and start building. Add your images, your affiliate links, merge your videos and much more. You can create your landing page with Elementor: click here to see mine
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5. Instagram Feed

There are many plugins to choose from to make your Instagram photos appear on your blog. Different plugins offer different layouts. I’m still playing with different WordPress plugins for this feature, so I won’t recommend one specifically.
Usually you customize your feed to how you want it to appear on your blog then you copy the [Instagram-feed] shortcode to any page, post or widget on your blog. Trust me, it’s super easy. As you upload pictures to your Instagram they will automatically update on your blog.


6. Contact Form 7

Contact forms are a vital part to your website. They act as the first point of information from your readers. Contact form 7 has a spam filter that works with Akismet.
Instead of asking your readers to contact you via e-mail, you can embed a form page.
I hope this list helps your decision making when it comes to plugins. Of course down the road there are tons of other plugins to install, but these 6 will get you started.

7. Schema

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I had no clue about this plugin in the beginning. If you are SEO clueless or still a beginner. This plugin is for you!
Schema, once set up does all the work for you. The data helps determine how to index your content accurately. It makes Google’s job just a little easier. Once you start to use this plugin you will see little changes in your SEO performance. Just wait!

8. Broken Link Checker

Want to keep your readers from seeing this page 🙁

Broken link checker by far has been my most helpful WordPress plugin. The plugin will email you (once set up) about any broken links on your page. This plugin is essential because links are broken all the time without notice. It’s just one of those things we can’t really control.
I used an affiliate link on one of my post that no longer worked. Of course I didn’t know. Once I installed this plugin I was informed I had 4 broken links. Yikes! So happy for WordPress plugins like this one!
Lastly, under the settings section I would disable the comments sections. Because your readers will change links frequently.
What plugins did you install in the beginning? What are your favorite plugins? Have you uninstalled any plugins you started out using in the beginning?
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  1. Catherine Wilde

    Hi Cheri!
    Love this post! So helpful! I am currently using a few of these plugins, but I have just started using Instagram and excited to try out your Instagram Feed Shortcode tip! Thanks for sharing!
    – Catherine Wilde | Simply Joyful Journey

  2. Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama

    Elementor is my absolute FAVE. I don’t know how I made pages before I found this plugin, seriously. Once I figured out how to use the drag and drop, it was great! I used it to make two basic landing pages and update my About Me page. I also use all these other plugins for WordPress too, so great list!

  3. Nyxie

    All excellent suggestions for beginner bloggers, and even for those of us who have been at it for a while. Elementor is amazing and I can’t believe I’m only getting round to using it with some of my posts in later weeks!

    • Maryanne

      Wow, so insightful especially for beginners like me. From the top six, am missing one, adding it right now. Thank you. And how do you earn from your blog?


    This is very helpful. I just started my blog a month ago and am overwhelmed. I just figured out that I only need to install those plug-ins that are compatible for wordpress. Didn’t crash like you did though, luckily. I installed the Yoast SEO but that did some funky stuff to my laptop display when I tried to create a post so I had to take it out. I also haven’t figured out the Akistment. I will have to try out the page builder. Thank you for your recommendations!

    • Cheri

      Hi Michelle!

      No problem! It’s definitely lots of trail and error especially in the beginning. But that’s what makes us better in the end. I’m so happy you liked this post!

  5. Nadia Malik

    I did not know about the one related to Instagram feed as I clearly need to get my Insta game up. Will definitely look into it.

    • Cheri

      Yes! Definitely. Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your blog! So yes! Get your insta game up girlllll!! 🙂 Follow me, we can support each other!

  6. Leigha

    You don’t know how amazing I feel as a new blogger reading this and checking off that I have all these key plugins! I 100% agree that these are some basic plugins that every blogger starting out needs! Great work compiling them.

    • Cheri

      My entire social media existence is to try and help new and upcoming bloggers. I love sharing information that I learn on the way. Plugins can get complicated, but the basics are all you need to start! Good luck! you got this

  7. Adreanne

    Thanks for the tips.

    I’m still trying to figure out where to put my IG feed (my homepage is a multiple panel layout so at the top is the welcome page, then recent posts, then about page, all in one scroll).

    ..actually, mid-type, I got an idea 💡. I’m putting it in the about page section lol. This post gave me a whole epiphany!

    • Cheri

      Hi Adreanne, Glad I was able to give you some clarity? Have you thought about putting your IG feed into the bottom or side widget? That’s a great idea! But on your about me page is good as well!

    • VA VAV

      Wow, that’s a very creative idea!!!!

  8. Pam

    Great info!!


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