How To Add Music To Instagram Posts?

May 28, 2021

Ready To Take Your Instagram Content To The Next Level?

The Answer Is Yes.
Add music to everything you create! When you add music to Instagram posts you take your content to the next level. Music brings people together and music is relatable.
The app won’t allow you to add music to Instagram video posts so today I’ll give you the tips to make it happen using 3 of my favorite digital marketing tools.

Be sure to have the three apps downloaded on your smart device. believe in the numbers, they don’t lie. Photos that have sound always perform the best. Every thirty days I check my clients Instagram Insights and this type of content has the highest reach, website clicks and overall engagement.

Steps On How To Add Music To Instagram Posts

If you follow these steps you’ll know how to add music to Instagram video posts in seconds. Your content will stand out and receive more engagement than usual.1. Create your photo/graphic in Canva. – Save it to your phone
2. Open Kinemaster and import the file. The file is your image
how to add music to instagram post
3. Go to Epidemic Sound and pick out your song choice – Download your song

4. Head back over to Kinemaster and select audio. Your audio file is saved in your internal file.
5. Trim any excess audio

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